the Black Maria Clara

I woke up this morning bereft of any emotion. I’m so tired concerning myself of things that wouldn’t change anymore.

“Haru~! If you don’t wanna eat then die sticking on your freakin’ bed!”

“You go first, bullshit!”

“F*ck you!”

“Same to you!”

Ahh…that’s my good li’l brother, Io, who knew nothing but annoy me.

“Here Mamang, say ahh…”

“Where’s Yuen?”

“Mamang, Oniichan can’t…”

“I want Yuen! Where’s Yuen? Stop hiding my son!”


“I don’t like you! I want Yuen! Yuen, where are you? My son, Yuen!”

“Oniichan is gone, Mamang. He–”

“LIAR! You’re hiding Yuen! Where is he?!”

“Mamang, Onii–”

I was not able to finish my sentence as Mamang pushed me off and dashed to her room. I should be crying right now. But I didn’t. I didn’t cry because I can’t. I cannot cry anymore. I must’ve had lost it some time ago. I cannot even remember the last time I cried.


“Oh Anina, what is it?”

She didn’t answer me. Instead, she just hugged me tight. My poor little sister. Forced to endure such cruelty at the age of five. 

If only…if only Papang was still here, Mamang would still be as she did before…

And Oniichan…

Hadn’t he left, Mamang wouldn’t have crumbled this much…!

But no matter how much I complain, no matter how much I think about it, nothing will change. This family will never be whole again…

My name is Hinaru Aragon. And this is my story.
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11 thoughts on “the Black Maria Clara

    1. it’s not my story, but a story in my head…the project I’ve been wanting to start but can’t start
      (plus I’m pretty tired posting things about my crush so I’ll indulge myself in doing what I really want and start this story of mine 😊)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is better 🙂 I think you have already started – all the best with it and I am looking forward to reading it (and crushes take all the energy and focus out of us, do they not?) 🙂


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