Because I feel so fed up talking about my crush, let’s talk about something entirely different like I’m so happy my crush and I were chatting last night. Wait, WHAT?!

No. Seriously. Let’s talk about something entirely different.

But commercial first. Why the heck am I giving my blogs a very long title? Have you ever noticed? No. I don’t think so. I think you don’t mind.

And by the way, I was really happy last night. The me-and-crush-chatting was true. I mean, if you really want to make yourself happy, don’t hold back. Do what you want and stop making things complicated. Period. Let’s stop here because I really want to talk about something else.

Like nostalgia.

We all know that déjà vu thing. When you saw something, and felt like “I already encountered this before!”

Well I’ve experienced it even in my dreams. But for now, I want to talk about the most recent déjà vu for me. If ever there’s anyone who love Game of Thrones here, do show yourselves. Because I’m in a serious dilemma here of trying to remember something. It’s about Tyrion Lannister’s tactic in the Battle of the Blackwater. The one wherein he used a ship as a decoy to wipe off the enemy fleet. I’m pretty sure I already saw it somewhere. But the vivid memory I’ve had was a ship full of explosives. I don’t know. Maybe it’s in a movie, or in history. I’m still searching for it in the net. I wonder if it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, or One Piece, or a documentary of world history, but I’m sure I already encountered that tactic before.

If there’s anyone who can help, I would love to hear you out. Just to get rid of this anxiety in me.

Merci beaucoup~~


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