das Vergissmeinnicht, das du mir gegeben hast, ist hier…

I know my voice won’t reach you…

But nevertheless, I still want to tell you that I like you

Maybe not enough to be called love

Perhaps I don’t believe in love

I can only feel either obsession or infatuation

But certainly not love

You might be way too friendly that I misunderstood it as liking

You shouldn’t have befriended me

You shouldn’t have talked to me

I was a fool believing that you like me too

I guess I was just imagining things

I shouldn’t have added you in facebook

I shouldn’t have read your blogs

I shouldn’t have tried reaching out to you

I shouldn’t have watched favorite TV series

I shouldn’t have…


…don’t know what to say anymore…

I wanted to send a message to you in facebook

But I’m starting to think that I’m being foolish again

That it’s just a one-sided thing

That you may have been interested at first but that’s just it

Nothing more…

Nothing less…

Now I’ll try my best to hold myself back

Not to try to chat you anymore

Not to try catching your attention

I did a lot of research on how to make you fall for me

I even tried to stalk you to know your lovemap

But it’s all dawning on me

That everything is pointless

That you don’t like me

That I’m being stupid again

But after everything has been said and done

At the end of the day…

I still…

…Want you…


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