When The Valleys Become Wider, You Get Lesser Chocolates and Then There’s Price Hike

Britons love chocolates! You too? I know! But I’m not sharing you mine. Sorry.

And so we say goodbye to Europe Oneness as European Union cannot get UK into their side. Then there’s this issue of Toblerone having lesser peaks and Britons reacted.

Okay, I don’t make sense anymore. From the start!

From weighing 170 grams, it reduced to 150 grams as our favorite Toblerone had its valleys widened resulting to lesser peaks which means lesser chocolates. It was said that because UK voted not to join EU, the value of the British pound dropped and as a result, imported goods became more expensive.

Since this was the case, the price for the ingredients increased. It’s either you get your Toblerone at a higher price or get less chocolate for the same price. Do you think it’s unfair? No. It’s not unfair. It’s injustice!

But sorry. Business is business. If you want to get more chocolates, then get richer. Or maybe have your own chocolate factory. I’d love to have my own chocolate factory. And I’m not gonna share you any!

Well, I know you get confused with my story-telling, so you may check out this site as your reference: https://www.yahoo.com/news/mind-chocolate-gap-britons-grumble-toblerone-shrinks-130653874–finance.html

Now, if you want to have your own chocolate factory, then let me know. Just let me know. I mean, leave a comment.

auf Wiedersehen~~!


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