Those Who Stand On Four Legs Are Beasts. Those Who Stand On Two Legs, Guts, And Glory Are Men.

So there. My mind went blank. Actually I’d like to talk about these words and the meaning behind them and blah blah blah…

By the way, it’s not something original from me. It’s the title of Gintama episode 143, on the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc where Ginchan fought the people from the Yatō clan. The Yatō clan is known to be the strongest tribe (at least in the anime) whilst Gintoki (sorry but I’d like to call him Ginchan) was nothing but an ordinary human…with extraordinary strength of course (it’s a shounen anime. What do you expect?)

Okay, so much for Ginchan.

Anyway, let’s dig deeper into those words. In real life, who do you think are those you can consider beasts?

In my case, people with extreme superiority complex and bullies qualify for that. I guess all of us consider a lot of beasts in their lives. Who knows? Maybe you yourself is a beast of your own!

But of course, there’s this line, “those who stand on two legs, guts, and glory are men.”

No matter how beastly those scumbags are, do not let them ruin your path to success. Instead, make them as your inspiration to improve yourself and prove your worth as a human being. Even if we’re to struggle for survival in this jungle called real world, always remember that humans are on top of the food chain! We are apex predators! So don’t lose yourself and fear those beasts around you.

Oh and by the way, I just want to share this gentle reminder from my adviser in high school: “Do not compete with others. Compete with yourself.”

So in any case you have violent reactions or just a mere reaction, do not forget to leave your comment as a trace of your existence. That’s all.

Au revoir~~!


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