And So I Started A Blog And What The Heck Will I Do With It?!?

Basically, I’m a bad writer and I seriously think I’m doing it wrongly. To start off with such topic and with such sentence, I don’t know where this is headed (*facepalm*).

So I decided to start this blog out of impulse, but to be honest, I don’t know what to talk about. I guess for my first blog, I’d write something about the header.

Then why “Hikikomori’s Lair?”

Okay, it was supposed to be “Vergissmeinnicht” but then something prevented me from naming it that way. So I settled with Hikikomori’s Lair.

In case you’re not familiar with the term hikikomori, let me enlighten you a bit. Hikikomori doesn’t have definite meaning but it’s a term used for reclusive adolescents and adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. (Hikikomori is a Japanese term and is written this way: 引きこもり with the “引” as the Japanese character for pull. When directly translated, the word hikikomori would mean pulling in).

I won’t say I’m a hikikomori but maybe, if the circumstances were different, I might end up as one. (For those who doesn’t know how much of a recluse a hikikomori is, well, they are the type of people who can live staying inside their houses for at least six straight months without going out, or if ever they went out of their houses, they don’t interact with other people that much or perhaps, not at all).

Going back, I’m not saying that I’m a hikikomori, but I seriously believe that I can survive for a months without going out of my house provided there’s food (or at least someone who’ll buy me food). But since I didn’t end up being one, I’ll be taking on the privilege of becoming one here, in this blog, and talk about whatever I want as if I’m talking to myself, thus the name Hikikomori’s Lair. (If you think my logic is off, and if you think I don’t make sense, don’t worry. You’re right).

On a sidenote, lemme talk about the supposed to be title of this blog, Vergissmeinnicht. Vergissmeinnicht is a German word which means forget-me-not. Yes, the flower forget-me-not. Though it was not the meaning of the word that hindered me from using this, it was stupid to use nonetheless. (Well, the very reason I didn’t use it lies in the domain-making phase of this blog. Yeah, stupid. I know).

Okay, so much for my first blog and just in case you missed it, the very purpose of this blog is to become a haven for my random thoughts. In case you have anything to say, advice, suggestions, or comments, feel free to leave them as my reference. Chao~~!


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